4 November, 2020

Oh no, unfortunately Austria turned ‘orange’ too. From 3 November at midnight, all hotels and other accommodation and catering establishments will be closed to tourists until further notice. You cannot go outside between 8 PM to 6 AM. Recreational use of ski lifts is not permitted. ‘

That is quite a message just before the start of the winter season. If our dutch government also recommends not to go on vacation until mid-January, I turn sad. What a state are we in together at the moment. I realize that this is really one of the things that goes into the history books (if we still have books then) as something that I experienced very consciously. Hospitals overcrowded, many people dead, a lot of work at home (with advantages and disadvantages), schools closed, childcare closed, shops closed, restaurants closed, really just impossible to imagine, but it happens … we can only wait for a vaccination and hopefully Austria can open again when the first snow starts to fall!

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