The decision is made!

26 August, 2o2o

Yes! What we were supposed to do in May, but postponed for a while due to a not to mention virus, we will now do.

In September, we will become owner of an apartment in Wagrain, Austria. So cool! We are going to sign at the notary and will spend the first week in our new home. This project is so exciting.

Now, we are busy with the website, thinking about rental prices, collecting nice summer and winter pics, searching for activities in Wagrain and surrounding area, etc. The best ideas are reviewed.

What will our future visitors consider important? Bed linen and towels included in the price as standard or booked separately? Are dogs allowed in the apartment? Do we get hikers, skiers, families, mountain bikers, groups of friends or a nice mix? What else needs to be done in the apartment to get it ready for our first guests? Are the mattresses comfortable? Nice to find out and make decisions. We are busy with it and it feels good.

I am now writing on a boat in Enkhuizen, Netherlands, and it is storming very hard outside; summer storm Francis is coming over tonight. Hopefully we can sleep. The summer weather stopped when we got vacation… but, we are free and relaxed. Also worth something! I will keep you informed of the latest developments around our Apartment Heijerhof!

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